Monday, 31 December 2012

This blog is my homage to the crazy, mad, funny but lovable entity we call India. Yes, it happens only in India.


I think it's an open secret by now. The best dances or rather dance moves, are not seen in the films (or movies, as Americans call them). Rather, it seems that marriage/ party/ celebration halls are the venues that host the best dances moves. Actually, I am struggling with the right words. "Best" does not quite describe it. "Creative", "Superhuman", "Multidimensional" are the words that come to mind, but there is no word that combines all these terms. Why don't you watch the video first? It will blow your mind out. The background song is also pretty famous. Yes, my friend. It is your favourite track from Dahiya Music Company, recorded in Rohtak - that famous and peerless city in Haryana. 

Now three things may be noted. One, the moment alcohol enters the bloodstream of the Indian male, he feels an irresistible urge to jump and hop, with his hands and feet going in all possible directions. Second, there is something about marriages especially that gets men going. And how. And third, once he starts, the male of Indian species does not like to stop. 

Which brings us to the second video of today. It again features a male of the Indian species, but a slightly older one. But what super moves. Age has clearly made him better, just like wine. Check it out.

Now do you agree with me? Of course, you do. Nothing like marriage dances. And no one dances like male of the Indian species.

Our third video also features the Indian male or gent. Now this one is a familiar, but curious occurrence. Why? For some reason, the Indian gent likes to gesture while dancing. And there is a direct correlation between the state of drunkenness and amount of gestures. Of course, in that divine state of supreme drunkenness when everything ceases to matter, the gent also goes quieter, but no less creative. Do have a look.

And finally, when it comes to dances and dancing, how can dear old Punjabis be behind? Punjabis are lovely, hearty type of people who think nothing of gorging on butter chicken and doing good old bhangra. But in case you thought that bhangra was the domain of well built and well weighted gentlemen, you could not be more wrong. Enjoy the following number, and do keep an eye on the lean & mean Titu Singh Ahluwalia (a dear friend of mine, by the way). Now as they say in America, ain't he something?

I hope I have presented my case well. QED.

Do not hold yourself back from commenting, if you would like to (use the Facebook comments box at the end of this page), or contributing your own videos generously to our cause. Just post them to our Facebook or Google Plus page.

Thanks...and happy dancing, you male of the Indian species.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

We Are all Desi...Long live Desification of India

Have you all noticed how there is a wave of desification all round?

Now what is desification? 

You know in good old days when there were more "proper" English speakers in India than Great Britain; the high noon of St. Stephen's College & its ilk (Think of Stephen's, think of people who spoke English with an accent that died with Queen Victoria, but survived in Stephanians, but of course). 

Now what about Stephen's and the good old days? Well, you could find people who could say "Pray, you are obfuscating the issue quite deliberately" quite effortlessly. Ahhh, those were the days. Where will you find such people today? 

Despite the presence of 1 billion English teaching schools and the efforts of the entire Punjabi community, we have lost that touch. We really have. But pray, I don't mean to bemoan (did I just say bemoan? O my God) the loss. Rather, my endeavour (I am really losing it now) is to celebrate the vibrant, effervescent "Desi" culture of today. Why don't you watch the video to get what I am saying?

Now my dear brothers and sisters, this is MTV - a true blue American brand wishing you "Merry Christmas" with more than a dash of balle balle. Do you get it now? This is "desification". It is a culture that belongs to neither East, West, North or South. It is somehow an inclusive entity, a common voice that represents all the voices and sensibilities of India. So it works throughout India.

Without much ado (as they say in Stephen's), see the same video rendered in Gujju & Tam (Gujarati & Tamil) style.

So now you know why Kolaveri Di was such a hit throughout India. Naturally, films, brands, people everybody, almost unknowingly have adopted the desi style (ishtyle) and lingo. Watch this Coke ad & listen to "Ye Cokewa kitne ka hai?".

Wait, this is only the beginning. We have come to revel (again, Stephen's ki bhasha) in our own unique "desi" style. Everything has gone desi, including our world view. And it has set our imagination on fire. How about Kate & William getting married the "desi" way? Have a look. 

Marvelous my dear Watson, I mean Bhure lal.

Now we take it very seriously when the West sets some trend. And indeed it is Americans, this time Hollywood, that came up with this brilliant idea of dubbing Spiderman 3 in Bhojpuri. It really set the ball rolling. And the rest is itihaas (I mean history). Savour Spiderman saying "Humka Tohaar Madad Chahi".

So "desiness" has come to stay. It has come from within. It's a part of us. Love it. Enjoy it. And imagine...if James Bond spoke Punjabi. Would it not be lovely?

Work of a genius. So then, Be Desi...Eat Desi...Create Desi.


PS.: As I finish this post, there is a power cut. Kya karein, Bhagwaan aur bijli vibhaag ki yahi marzi hai.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

It's mad, crazy, funny...but then...that's India

We live in a country that's crazy, that's mad and funny. But at the end of it, it is our country...a lovable entity called India. So read on...

One key aspect of our country is the names. Punjabis are very fond of English language...more than even the British themselves. So they always give their sons and daughters English names - Shunty, Bunty, Monty, Mintu, Rimpy, etc. The list is fabulous & endless. Maybe the British should consult us on creative English names.

But why blame only Punjabis? The whole of India is in love with English. And in case you find yourself constrained in this not worry...There is help. Just look below:

So head to Disha Institute for "English speakna". While you are doing that you could also do your MBA from there I guess. Hai na?

Anyhow, our first shop is the world famous...sorry India famous shop that happens to be in Kanpur. Not many things from Kanpur, apart from the city itself, are famous, but Thaggu Ke Laddoo certainly is. Check out his laddoos the next time you are in Kanpur & do not miss out on Badnaam Kulfi as well. And kindly note that the punchline (it really punches you in the face) is now copyrighted.

Next we come to another amazing bit of branding (as you marketing folks like to call it). This is actually a chain of restaurants in Giridih, Jharkhand. Some genius came up with this name for his restaurant and other geniuses copied it. The result? See for yourself. It's a whole chain now. Where you want to eat is your choice - Sri Bewaqoof Hotel or Mahabewaqoof? Whatever catches your fancy.

This is Indian genius at its best. These restaurants have become popular because of their odd names. There is a lesson for all of us here. But no. Please don't think of changing your name to Thaggu...or Bewaqoof please.

Next we have another genius. Now one does not know where his shop is, but the guy is surely a genius. A lot of people tell us that to be successful you have to be different. But how many of us have the courage to be different? Here goes our friend.

The next one will surely amaze you. He is an ingenious fellow. Who says we Indians lack ingenuity? Take a look.

Now that is why they call Facebook the ultimate social medium. A lot of people must be coming each day to have Sevpuri, Paanipuri, Dahi Bhalla, etc., etc. And those of you who were always curious, the man behind the counter is Mark Zuckerberg himself. 

In India, as we said, we are in love, sorry obsessed with English. And therefore it stands to reason that whatever we do has to have English in it, or it should be an English sounding name. 

Let me present Potty's Restaurant to you. Brilliant. Isn't it? Just like we have Manpreet becoming Monty, here maybe Patwardhan has become Potty. So in the end we have an elegant abbreviation as well as an upscale English name. Pure vegetarian as well. Please note.

So that completes our list this time. But our post is never complete without a video. So here is our video for today. Presenting Muchchad Singh Paanwala. Sounds like the name of a dacoit. But he is really our dear old Paanwalla, with a rather creative name. And remember, better to sell paan than be a dacoit.

So dear guys...that completes our post this time. Do watch out for more in the future. Your comments are welcome as always...